The real reason French women have stopped sunbathing topless

For many decades the civilization of Europe has been a place that women have enjoyed sunbathing. France has been on the lead in topless sunbathing especially with connotations of liberation and equality for women. However, the last few years have seen this culture die off especially in France. A lot of magazine and editorial publications broke the news about the end of topless sunbathing among women in France. It was quite unexpected, but well it happened anyways. It is obvious most people especially men were clueless of the sudden changes and the reasons behind this development.
Here are the top three reasons why topless sunbathing has come to an end in France.

1. Skin cancer Awareness

In the recent past, there have been major findings in the research about skin cancer and its relation to direct UV rays from the sun have become common sense. Even sunbathing topless is a favourite pass-time activity for women at the beach, being sun-kissed is not only a risk for cancer, but also a serious health concern for the modern women in France. The dissemination and adoption of the awareness risks of cancer from direct exposure to sunlight has seen women give up topless sunbathing to avert the risk of skin cancer.

2. Objectivation of women

Despite the roars of feminist activism to “free the nipple” the perception of the general public about the exposure of breasts in public place is still considered unacceptable. The view of topless women sunbathing on a beach in France or elsewhere is to most people as good or as bad as pornography. In other words, the topless scene is a marginalization of women and it shows them as objects for entertainment just like the way porn is made to look. The discomfort that comes from being looked up like a piece of meat is degrading and women would rather not go sunbathing than offer themselves to be humiliated by weird stares from strangers at the beach.

3. Lack of privacy

In the modern technology-dominated world, it is common to find people with Phone Cameras and this raises a concern of privacy among beach goers. It is obvious that anyone can easily take of photo of you anytime without your awareness as you sunbathe. Women are afraid that the crowds of people loitering at the beach might end up taking pictures of them and posting them online.