Signs of a cheater girlfriend

Although we live in a more liberal society, most people lean on the side of monogamous relationships and take infidelity very seriously. In fact, couples are ever on the look out to make sure they are not being fooled. If you have suspicions about the fidelity of your partner, here are some signs you ought to look out for. These signs are strong evidence that you have a cheater for a partner.

She claims you are insecure

If you are always in state of agreement with your girlfriend and you happen to come into bursts of disagreements abruptly, then you should not take it lightly. She might start to complain and pointing fingers at you or blaming you for whatever problems you are having as a couple to prove that you have fallen apart. It is also an indirect way of saying you are less interesting and overshadowing your efforts with accusations of insecurity as a way of hiding her infidelity.

She’s suddenly overly concerned about her looks

If your girlfriend suddenly adopts an extra commitment to her looks, like shedding weight, attending her makeup and redoing her wardrobe, it is time to realize she is up to something. A girl will not make such major changes out of nowhere for nothing. It is clear she is striving to look good or better to impress. And if she has not been doing it there before, chances are she is doing to someone else. Although a girl could do a makeover after a life-turning event such as health complications, if she did not directly communicate it to you, she is definitely arming her cheating arsenal.

She is less intimate

A mutually-exclusive relationship comes with openness, honesty and emotional sharing. However, if your partner is cheating, these “items of the relationship package” will fade away fast. Some simple and easy to identify signs of a fading intimacy in your relationship will show up as, your girlfriend hiding her phone, being less enthusiastic and detailed in her conversations with you. Your girlfriend will also seem overly distracted or hardly in the mood to have some quality time with you. This is a sure sing she is definitely having an investment elsewhere.