Disadvantages Of Hiring An Escort

Some men have different reasons they give when it comes to hiring or not hiring the escorts. The following are some of the risks that go hand in hand with hiring an escort.

These are the reasons to keep in mind if you have decided to hire the escort:

1. They are expensive

They escorts are too expensive for some guys and you will blow too much money by spending only 30 minutes with her. If you do not have too much money and you see the escorts regularly, you may end up becoming broke through paying for sex.

2. They do lie

Escorts and hookers will always lie. They can lie about how much you should give them and they may try their best to swindle you.

3. They do not give any fuck

Escorts may not care about you. They are looking to make money and this is their first priority. The girls may try to blame you for something and sometime may cause the issues.

4. They may deal with drugs

Some escorts may be using drugs. When you get sex with such escorts, it will be putting your health at risk.

5. Legal trouble

Hiring the escort may be illegal in some estates.

6. Pushing over the boundaries

When the clients get to know the escort, he may choose to keep up the requests and guidelines. The escorts will be cautious about what you want and she will follow them at the letter. When the escorts get to know more the clients, then she may feel that she is special and she may start to relax. The clients may also start to ask for some privilege that the escorts do not give normally. When the escort feels that she is being pushed, then she may stay away of the client.

7. Attachment issue

This is a risk for both the man and the escort. When a man and a woman spend time together, they can start to develop emotional attachment towards one another. These emotions are even stronger when they are associated with the favorable emotions towards one another. When the affection becomes stronger, then it can become a conflict and it is time to stop seeing the escort or the clients. The feeling attachment may cause hurt feeling and misunderstanding when they are not kept under check.

8. Girlfriend experience

Sometime this service can start to feel real. If a certain client likes to see one girl for the standing date, then the date starts to feel traditional and the girl or the client may expect to see the client after a certain period. The clients will start to be comfortable and he can start to disclose more information about him to the escort like what he does when he is away. Such habitual sharing process may turn to be predictable and the closeness it brings a fake sense towards the relationship.

Showing of the true personality: within the first meeting, it is going to be easy for the escort to conceal the negative characteristics which is part of her personality. However, as you continue to meet, it becomes hard to hide. The courtesy and manners may no longer be a priority and you may no longer get the benefits that made you become regular in the first place. The escort may feel that he can be anything with you, after having met for some few encounters. If you continue to see the escort even after showing you less than perfect picture, it will get worse.

9. Frequent visit

When you get attached to one escort, what may have started as a monthly encounter, it can become weekly or even less. This also means more money spend and emotional attachment.