Best sex games to improve your sex life

There are quite a lot of benefits in being in a long-term relationship, but it has its downsides especially loss of intimacy and the degradation of sex to a mere obligation. Couples often get too comfortable with each other and retire to missionary sex from time to time. This is absolutely dull and boring. However, all is not lost and there are many ways to improve and light up the fire of passion in the bedroom and give your sex life a turn around. Although it is admittedly challenging it is certainly attainable!
Here are some exciting sex games that you can employ to give your sex life a boost!

Board Game

There are numerous board games available on the market today which are a must have in re-igniting the passion in your sex life. The most popular board games you might want to try are 50 Nights of Naughtiness for Strip Tease, You and Me for building up lust in sex to excite both your body and mind before getting into actual sexual intercourse.

Cool as an ice maiden

Cool as an ice maiden involves playing with an ice cube into your mouth. Make your partner lie on the bed and caress him with both your hands and lick him with your lips whilst alternating with the ice cube at the edges of lips. This is an effective way to rouse them and will actually result in heightened sensitivity. Tease them continuously until they beg you to perform oral sex on them.


Restraining your partner is a subtle form of BDSM and it is truly fun to do. Handcuff your partner and tie his legs up. Lick him up as you tickle his body with a feather and make him acclimatize to the sensation and give him as much pleasure as time can hold until he climaxes.

Time Bomb

Time bomb is a time-regulated game. It is a simple game to play by setting an alarm trigger for about 10-20 minutes. During the time interval you choose, keep your focus to kissing and teasing your partner slowly and provocatively without oral sex or penetration. By the time the timer has elapsed, you will have built up great anticipation and great momentum for intense pleasuring and orgasmic release.


Role play is a sure way to bring excitement into your sex life by experimenting with naughty “characters” to explore your boundaries, limitations and inhibitions. Usually, role play involves playing a sexy policewoman, a naughty nurse or a tough teacher. Assuming either of these personalities in the bedroom will create a new outlook of you and excite lust and pleasuring. You will enjoy sex more and come alive to a new desire for it.